12 most valuable quarter errors in circulation

    12.2004-d wisconsin      quarter extra leaf low      business strike

  11.1822 Capped Bust    Quarter 25/50c Regular               Strike

10.2004-D Wisconsin Quarter Extra Leaf High Regular Strike

9.2000-P Maryland Quarter Muled With Sacagawea                Dollar

    8.1828 Capped Bust    Quarter 25/50c Regular               Strike

7.1918/7-S Overdate Full Head Standing Liberty             Quarter

   6.2009-DC District Of    Columbia DDR Quarter     Business Strike

    5.1891 Seated Liberty Quarter MPD Regular Strike

     4.1999-P Susan B.    Anthony $1 Struck On A     1999 Georgia Quarter

   3.1983-P Spitting Eagle      Type 2 Clad Quarter              Business Strike

       2.1976-D Bicentennial    Quarter (1776-1976) DDO           Regular Strike

  1.1970-D Quarter DDO    Type 2 Regular Strike

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