10 best features of    Samsung S24 Ultra

10.Samsung Galaxy S24 UItra camera resolution           is 24MP.

9.Samsung Galaxy S24 UItra is considered as the update of the Galaxy S23 model

 8.Samsung Galaxy S24    UItra has a photo    remaster feature.

7.The AI-powered features of Samsung Galaxy S24 UItra help users delete shadows from their pictures.

6.Samsung Galaxy S24 UItra has three possible settings remaster, portrait, and delete.

5.It features the ND filter aka neutral density filter.

4.The back camera of this model supports 8K video recording with OIS features and optical image stabilization.

3.This ultra smartphone runs on a new Qualcomm snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC with GPU cores and overclocked GPU.

2.It comes to know that the Samsung Galaxy S24 UItra smartphone will launch with a snapdragon gen three chipset

1.The modern Galaxy S24 Ultra phone model comes from the well-known South Korean Samsung.

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